How to select right heavy lift equipment quickly

Heavy lift equipment is a machine that performs the cyclic, intermittent motion. How to choose a heavy lift? We give you some suggestions on this issue. First, make sure you know about the following categories :

1.Bridge heavy lift
You can see that this type of heavy lift can make the heavy objects hung on the hooks. Bridge heavy lift includes lifting mechanism, large and small car running mechanism. If you’ve controlled the cooperation of these mechanisms, heavy objects can be raised and carried in specific cubic space.

2. Jib heavy lift
The characteristics of a heavy jib lift are same as those of a heavy overhead lift. The heavy jib lift includes a lifting mechanism, a luffing mechanism, and a rotating mechanism. Depending on the cooperation of these mechanisms, heavy objects can be lifted and transported in a particular cylindrical space. You can install the heavy jib lift on a vehicle or other form of transportation (moving) tools, so it constitutes a running jib rotary heavy lift.

3. Elevator Lift
The characteristic of the lift is that the heavy object or the picking device can only lift along the guide rail. Although there is only one lifting mechanism in the lift, there are many other auxiliary devices inside. Therefore they are constituted separately, including elevators, freight elevators, and heavy ship lifts. For example, if you are going to do ship recycling work in 2020, the first step is to find a suitable elevator heavy lift. It will be perfect if meeting the requirement of the Hong Kong convention.

After you understand the main categories of lifting machinery, you must comprehensively consider the objects you use. And choose a heavy lift that suits your requirements, not only avoiding waste of expenses but also ensuring that the work completed successfully.

If you don’t have a particular requirement, you could use a single main beam gantry heavy lift. If the width of the door leg is required to be significant, or the heavy and long pieces are often hoisted, you should select a double-beam portal heavy lift.
The span of a heavy gantry lift is an essential factor affecting the quality of the heavy lifting itself. When you select, you should reduce the span as much as possible.

In work, there should be a specific space size between the external dimensions of the heavy gantry lift and the cargo and vehicle passages of the yard to facilitate loading and unloading operations.