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How ship recycling companies comply with Hong Kong convention in 2020

Although the Hong Kong Convention currently does not meet the conditions of entry into force, you must prepare for early implementation because of the implicit retrospective requirements of the Hong Kong Convention. We will provide you with some professional suggestion for future development.

Develop safety and environmental technology

Once the “Hong Kong Convention” and the new EU regulations come into effect, as a global ship recycling industry, you will undergo further changes.

However, due to technical and financial factors, you have widely adopted the backward mode of beaching, which does not meet environmental protection requirements, frequent safety accidents, and low ship recycling efficiency.

There is a considerable gap in the level of mechanization, personnel technology, environmental protection control and safety supervision. Our company could provide you with a whole set of advanced solution to deal with the problems.

You should attach importance to the safety and environmental protection of the ship recycling industry and the health of workers, and use the dock to reduce the pollution and accidents.

Introduce talents and increase professional training

The Hong Kong convention requires you to provide safety training procedures for all workers, not only limited to pre-job skills teaching but also includes training intervals and assessments at appropriate intervals. And you’d better improve the long-term validity of ship recycling workers’ safety skills.

As far as we know, the significant countries of ship recycling in Asia generally have a low level of labour skills and employment without professional training. However, your talent engineering requires long-term planning, and there is a massive gap in vocational and technical personnel.

You need to advance the ship recycling technology required by the Convention. Because the global ship recycling market has shifted to China and the European Union, driving the market price of ship recycling. But we will help you achieve this information regularly.

Make clear of hazardous materials

You have to carry an Inventory of Hazardous Materials (IHM) when you are going to recycle each specific ship.

Ships will be required to have an initial survey to verify the IHM, renewal surveys during the life of the vessel, and a final survey before recycling.

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